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May 20 2018


Call me a commie, but I think it’s a bit unreasonable that people have to crowdfund their cancer treatment.

May 19 2018

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some of the less positive feelings of my aro experience:


  • the hollow feeling in your chest when you watch a romantic movie and you know you’ll never ever have that
  • watching your friends get into relationships and third wheel you even when they don’t mean to
  • realizing that every friend you have is going to find someone and leave you because that person is going to mean more to them than you ever did
  • knowing that even when your love fills your entire heart, it’s never going to mean as much as romance does
  • wishing and wishing and wishing that maybe if you tried hard enough, you could fall in love
  • every emotion you have ever had in your entire life is fake and meaningless because none of them were romo
  • no one is there to listen to you and you are screaming into an unforgiving void whenever you try to talk about this
  • nothing in any community will ever remember or include you and you don’t know if it’s on purpose or not and you feel like you’re being selfish for wanting to be included but also you are dying inside from a lack of support
  • the inability to imagine a future in which you are happy
  • overanalyzing every relationship you’ve ever had in a vain attempt to project romantic feelings you’ve never felt onto someone and fill the void in your chest where being normal should be
  • second guessing yourself about whether or not you like someone romantically even after having been solid in the aro identity for years
  • do you want to kiss someone for real or do you just want to want to kiss someone because amatonormativity is telling you to
  • not having any words to describe anything you feel and no one understanding or respecting the words you come up with to make yourself feel like less of a freak
  • being mocked mercilessly by people who should support you
  • having literally no representation in mainstream media
  • giving 20 min vocab lessons every time you come out
  • churning out positivity robotically trying to convince yourself and other people like you that you’re going to be okay when you dont even believe it yourself
  • the constant preaching of marriage and family in religious circles so much that you cannot imagine a life that does not include that but also feeling sick to your stomach every time you try to think of that being your life
  • Cant Relate, but to literally everything
  • no one giving a shit about your problems because they only care about their own issues
  • staying in the closet perpetually because coming out is too much effort
  • not being able to escape romance because it’s literally everywhere
  • not bothering to explain your relationships to people because they wouldn’t understand
  • being incapable of understanding your own feelings for other people because they live in a weird, uncategorizable gray space and will almost certainly not be reciprocated
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“It’s over…”

May 18 2018

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Earning the master sword is my favorite part of Botw so far :,)

High Res Version available on: My Patreon

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May 17 2018

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Deer God <3 

Hope you guys are enjoying ^^

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“What was she? It didn’t matter. She was small and furry and she had the best sense of smell and the best sense of hearing and the best dancing skills she’d ever possessed in her life, even if dancing sometimes meant she ran into walls.”
Jodi Meadows - My Lady Jane

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Sometimes when you’re depressed, you draw more Daphne/Velma ✨

I know my fucking screen is cracked, I don’t need the newsflash every time someone notices my phone!!!

May 16 2018

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Basically my thoughts on the “Millennials are Killing X” trend.

I’m going to fucking lose my mind this is peak political cartoon art

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birthday gift for a certain human

May 15 2018

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when boomers are confronted with anything different from what they’re used to

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Can you hear it yet…hero?

May 14 2018

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This one was a little bit more challenging to do than I thought it would be – and that was mostly in all the detail (RIP) ,as well as figuring out ways to adapt a Klimt-esque look to Howl. It was really tempting to put him in his pink jacket since it lends itself to rectangular form so well. However I just had to go and make things difficult for myself… because I love his transformed version!

Based on Klimts ‘The Kiss’ (1907-1908)

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